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1.  Aggregates

1.1 Fine Aggregate (River Sand)
    1.1.1    Sieve analysis test
    1.1.2    Moisture test
    1.1.3    Organic impurities test
    1.1.4    Bulk Density test
    1.1.5    Specific gravity test

1.2    Coarse Aggregate (River Shingle)

    1.2.1    Sieve analysis test
    1.2.2    Bulk density test
    1.2.3    Clay lump content test
    1.2.4    Specific gravity test
    1.2.4    Flakiness and elongation index.

     All of the above mentioned tests are to be done for every batch of incoming of raw material. The fractions under 5mm and over 40mm by screening machine, and other two fractions are stored as two separate size group; 5 to 20mm and 20 to 40mm. Aggregate grading for preparation of normal mix design will be G max 19 (20). The two fractions are to be mixed proportionally for getting G max 25 and 37.5 (40).

2.  Cement

2.1    OPC
    2.1.1    CMT
    2.1.2    Consistency test
    2.1.3    Vicat test
    2.1.4    Air permeability test
    2.1.5    Soundness test

Cement is imported from Thailand (Mountain Brand, Type I). Cement mortar test is to be done for every batch of incoming material. The other four tests are to be performed as per customer request every six months interval. Cement stored at warehouse over three months is retested for use in production. Storage capacity is at least 15 days at peak rate.

3.  Water

 3.1 Ground water
    3.1.1    Chloride
    3.1.2    Sulfate
    3.1.3    Alkalies

Total solid

Water analysis test is conducted for above mentioned salts at every six months. Water is kept in clean and fresh state and free from injurious amounts of sewage, oil, acid and other deleterious matter.  

 4.  Admixtures

4.1  Retarder
    4.1.1  Specific gravity test; every drum before using for production

4.2  High range water reducer
    4.2.1  Specific gravity test; every drum before using for production

Admixtures from WR Grace, Singapore are used as major amount for production.  

5.  Concrete

5.1   Fresh concrete test
    5.1.1      Slump test
    5.1.2      Unit weight test
    5.1.3      Temperature

     Every batch of concrete in agitator trucks will be confirmed as being thoroughly mixed before delivering to site. Concrete temperature will be maintained at not more than 30C on site by using chilled water. Initial setting time of concrete depends on the customer requirement. Slump test and taking specimens for concrete strength tests will be the responsible of the concrete Company.

5.2    Sampling or Making test specimen
    5.2.1    Cube or Cylinder; six number per 100 cubic meter or as per customer requirement at site.

5.3    Harden concrete test
    5.3.1    In house compression test is normally made at the age of 3, 7 and 28 days for every 50 cubic meter or as per customer requirement. Summit engineering report which include outline of the project, result summary and strength of concrete member at end of project or as per customer requirement.

5.4    Acceptance of concrete
    5.4.1    No single test strength (the average of the strengths of at least two samples from a batch) shall be more than 500psi below the specified compressive strength.
    5.4.2    The average of any three consecutive test strengths must equal or exceed the specified compressive strength.

6    Calibration

Batching load cells and all testing equipment will be calibrated by external labs or in-house labs at appropriate intervals.

7    Quality Control Record

Trial Mix Report for Design Verification
Trial Mix Report
Compressive Strength of Concrete Specimen
Sieve Analysis
Daily In-house Specimen Pass and Fail Record
In-house Specimen Strength Failure Record
Incoming Quality Check List for Cement
Incoming Quality Check List for Coarse Aggregate
Incoming Quality Check List for Fine Aggregate
Incoming Quality Check List for Chemical Admixture
QC Check List at Plant
QC Check List on Site
Concrete Rebound Hammer Test
Screening Daily Check List and Operating Record
Chemical Admixture Reject Report
Test Record for Measuring Moisture Content of Fine Aggregate (C70-94)
Aggregate Moisture Content
Test Record for Measuring Moisture Content of Fine Aggregate (Oven Method)
Compressive Strength of Concrete Block
Compressive Strength of Cement Mortar Test
Design Input-Output Record
Communication Record for Cement Silo Feeding
Visual Check List For Mixing Water
Process and Product Validation Record

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